About John

John is the Director and Owner of Buchanan Success Coaching

A business designed to enhance corporate success through the winning lessons from sport.

John Buchanan is regarded as one of the most successful international sports coaches in history. From this background, he translates the deep insights of peak performance on the sports field into winning behaviours and actions in the business arena.

COVID has changed and will continue to change the world we live and work in. It is a challenge for leaders navigating their way through the impacts now, and next, positioning the business to be market dominant into the future. It is also a huge challenge for staff who are grappling with changing workplace environments.

John Buchanan is a Peak Performance Coach with over 30 years of experience in helping teams, businesses and organisations find their winning model for sustaining them through good and bad times. From his time as a business consultant and a professional sports coach, including head coach of one of the greatest teams in sports history, the Australian Cricket team from 1999-2007, John has crafted a step-by-step methodology to create and maintain peak performance. It is his What’s your Everest program.

A coach and a leader with a unique perspective on the world, John is at home in any environment which seeks change, a desire for peak performance, and a vision to be the game changers. Telstra, HSBC (India), Mahindra BT, Idemitsu, Vale, Technology One are among corporate clients he has helped through his peak performance leadership programs. The FA, the ECB, Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL), NRL, Queensland Reds, Athletics Australia have all utilised John’s coaching and leadership expertise after his time with Cricket Australia. And since 2007, John has spoken to over 200,000 people across 5 continents.

John has a relaxed and personable manner and is known for his engaging story-telling and practical take-aways from his presentations. Combine his style with his absolute passion for coaching Peak Performance, it is little wonder he readily connects with all audiences who choose this journey. John has also authored three books, with “If Better is Possible” a best-seller.

With over 30 years in international coaching, education and organisational management.

John brings this experience and wisdom to his role as Peak Performance Strategist.

The quality of his material and the professionalism of his delivery resulted in delegates rating John as our best ever closing speaker.

Gerry MorrisRobert Bevan Best Practise

Thankyou for a thought provoking forum. Having the chance to reflect on different leadership models and experiences will undoubtedly help us to ensure the All Blacks have a winning leadership formula.

Graham HenryAll Blacks Coach

I have seen many speakers over the years and this was one of the best leadership sessions I have ever seen. So much great content, such interesting stories and real take home value for all of us that manage teams.

Leanne HowardGeneral Manager TRET

John was absolutely fantastic in responding to our brief and creating a key note speech and presentation that was relevant, entertaining and insightful.

Leadership ConferenceNAB Business Banking

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We explore leadership through the lens of high performance sport, by interviewing great coaches from around the world, to try and find ideas to help all of us lead our teams better.




Redkite is lifeline for families facing childhood cancer across Australia. For almost 40 years they have provided the kind of practical, financial and mental health support for families that helps them find their strength to keep going in the face of their child’s cancer.

From diagnosis, throughout treatment and whatever happens when treatment ends, Redkite is there for families whenever and wherever they need them.




True leadership takes guts. The type of leadership that inspires, serves, and points others in the right direction – it’s hard work.

But it’s hard work that takes your business from good to GREAT.

At Executive Performance Partners, we’re redefining the term ‘executive coaching’ to deliver not just development but improved performance. We assist in creating sustainable habits rather than providing drop-and-go seminars and guarantee performance outcomes (or no monthly bill!).

You may have considered a coach but been skeptical about their knowledge, credentials, and what value you would gain from this “partnership.”

With EPP, your partnership includes real metrics to track your performance- we call these our ‘Scorecards for Success.’ You receive face-to-face mentorship with accomplished executives, who provide you with our proven leadership ‘toolkit’ which, when used effectively, can change the thinking of even the biggest executive coaching skeptic.

An authentic partnership- that’s the Executive Partnership promise.




Talisman People is a company whose entire foundation operates on high-performance sporting philosophies, and the understanding that an organisation’s most important performance factor is their people. Through their system of work, they drive and create winning organisations through Match Winning Team Membership, Team Leadership, and bringing the principles of High Reliability Organisations to life. Embedded within their program offerings is a team of facilitators who have lived high-performance sport and understand the critical role of a coach.

Talisman People understands that every organisation is unique and works in collaboration with key internal champions to ensure the most effective implementation of the programs. Founded on coaching and high-performance philosophies, every client receives a bespoke system of work.




Your Training & Compliance tracking in the cloud. Imagine having just one system for all of your training, inductions, professional development, competencies, surveys, and compliance tracking.
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To learn, induct, re-certify, develop, update competency, do a test, or add licenses and certificates. With your own courses, content, library, events, news feed – managed by you, with instant reports. Created by you or us, or off-the-shelf, using video, audio, images, slides, text and documents.
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