Athlete being their own best coach

One of the principal aims of all coaches, be it sport or business or life, is that as coaches we want our athletes, our staff or our individuals to have a clear picture on how they can best perform on task; on daily, weekly, monthly, year round roles that a job description might require; or on how to deal with and respond to all the mysteries that life constantly presents.

If I stick with sport for the moment, the star athletes who perform consistently, to world class standard, over a long period of time, are the ones who –

  • understand their training, playing regimes;
  • they understand how to properly review their performances
  • they create mental checklists for performance
  • they may also create written checklists to aid them in preparations
  • and they will break these into the various skill components such as technical, physical, mental, tactical, & technical


A very good sign of the athlete who is maturing into an athlete who is becoming their own best coach is that he or she will become far better at the process of filtering.

Most young athletes or athletes who are stepping up a level or two spend a lot of time trying to absorb as much information for the coaches, the advisors and importantly the current and former athletes. Such athletes ‘sponge’ up as much information as they can, whether it is relevant to them or not.

The mature athlete has moved beyond the spongephase and enter the filterstage. It is here where the athlete can really begin to understand how best to enhance their skills, and drive to being the best athlete they can be.

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