Be the disruptor not the disrupted

Be the disruptor not the disrupted.

Don’t feel snowed in, catch what can be fielded from business and sport.

The digital world is exciting but it seems to be overpowering – we are just snowed in!

Well part of this new digital world came to Brisbane recently sponsored by FACCI.

Digital transformation was demystified as we were entertained and challenged by presenters, presentations and discussion.

What is essential for every business is to understand Digital Transformation is not an outcome it is a journey. Business and organisations need to facilitate, incorporate, encourage a strategic mindset about the digital medium as the Summary slide below displays.

And the day allowed all of us to contribute to the Knowledge Wall


Powering the Digital Transformation train shuttles onto Adelaide and Sydney gathering more insight, thought, ideas and collaborative suggestions.

We should also look to catch up with where sport has evolved in the digital storm.

It’s performance measurement tools, data, and science rivals any modern business practice, especially for the gathering of data, analysing the data, and impacting the performance of athletes.

Digital Transformation is well and truly on the agenda.

It is imperative for leaders of all industries to understand how to harness its Power, and not be overpowered, snowed in.

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