Business can learn from the current India-Australia Test series

Technology in all its forms is transforming sport, business, the world.

However, some technologies deliver unintended consequences which are not beneficial to the business.

The use of a technology and a player review system call DRS has been at the centre of controversy in the current India- Australia Test series – see my comments to The Daily Observer of India

In my opinion, the DRS has directly contributed to –

  • A very public spat between captains, teams, coaches and the national associations which does nothing to promote the thrilling contest in which both teams are currently engaged, or indeed the game of cricket itself
  • Questioning the capacity of both captains to be leaders rather than being seen as petulant young men, one who apparently does not know the rules of DRS, or blindly accepts the advice of a younger member of his team; whilst the other shows little respect for the game by ramping up an attack on the integrity of his opposition
  • Public and social media having a field day about the controversy surrounding the game rather than highlighting the incredible ebbs and flows of the contest with the sereis now poised on a knife edge

Business leaders can take many lessons from sport, as sport condenses the consequences of Board and leadership decisions into a short timeframe, thus giving business a real opportunity to learn and benefit.