Can you be “in the ZONE” at work?

When watching elite athletes perform, everything seems to come easily to them. The game seems to be in slow motion for them; while others are running, rushing madly to make the play. There is a certain grace and elegance to what these athletes do, yet they are brutal competitors.

As Julius Sumner Miller used to say, “WHY IS THIS SO?”

The athletes who dominate their sport, have reached a point where they are their own best coach.

This means that the athlete –

  • Knows his or her game inside out
  • Knows how to prepare themself to provide best chance of peak performing
  • Knows during competition how to remain composed under the stresses of the game
  • Knows how to review performance objectively & unemotionally
  • Knows how to repeat the process consistently
  • Knows which experts across all skills will help them continuously improve

So when we watch these athletes in action, we can only view their physical prowess. We do not know the amount of training that goes into a performance.

All we see is an athlete “IN THE ZONE”, supremely confident, playing on a different planet to the opposition.

So for us mere mortals, the lessons we can take are –

    1. When I have a good day at work; or I have a very good outcome from a meeting, presentation, event…………how did this happen? What did I do prior to the meeting, presentation or event? What was I doing during?
    2. Segment these into respective skill sets such as technical, physical, mental, tactical, team skills or a categorisation that works for you
    3. Write your actions and behaviours against your categories
    4. Test & re-test your checklist to ensure the actions & behaviours that you are repeating are the ones that give you best chance for peak performance, to perform “IN THE ZONE”


What is your checklist of actions that will give you best chance for peak performance?

In what ways are you constantly testing these?

Can you add to the conversation…………………….?

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