As a Coach

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As a coach, businessman or parent, your role as trying to make yourself as ‘redundant’ as possible. The concept of being redundant is part of the total philosophy, and connects directly with creating a learning environment and knowing the whole person. My goal as a parent is to gradually have…

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Another way

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(adapted from John Buchanan, If Better is Possible) How Many Times have you been confronted with a problem or a task that seems impossible to solve … until someone else comes along and solves it quickly because they view it from a different perspective? I am a great admirer of…

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Clayton Christensen & the theory of disruption

By | Business | No Comments Three types of disruptive innovation and some still sit outside 1. Market -creating 2. Sustaining 3. Efficiency 4. Outside Christensen brings theories to realities. He and interviewer Steve Denning provide clear examples of the various ‘disruptors’ to the table so that the reader can clearly understand the theory.  The question is – Where…

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