Crossing the Rubicon for sporting organisations

By | Business, Cricket, Sport | No Comments Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) has always been present in sport if not under such an institutionalized label. Such issues as having – • First Aid available at sporting fixtures • Qualified and accredited coaches to conduct athlete training • Similarly qualified officials to adjudicate contests • Increasing regulatory controls around concussion and…

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Test Cricket History

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(data supplied by Krishna Tunga What do you see from this graph? Are we not satisfied with 3 in every 4 games are producing a result? Most results are occurring late on 4th day or part way through 5th day Do we need a pink ball and day/night Test…

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Martin Flanagan’s spin on Shane Warne – warranted and debatable

By | Business, Cricket, Sport | No Comments Having read Martin Flanagan’s recent article, “Players are the ones who makes games great” where he sides with Shane Warne’s view that coaches are virtually irrelevant for good teams, or possibly any teams. I must say that he does get some aspects of professional sport correct. He uses the…

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