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And while I think it gives some deeper insight than this animated version, I do think this little youtube clip is a very useful reminder of the process of coaching.


It takes the viewer through –

  • Meet
  • Vision
  • Plan
  • Journey
  • Success
  • And along the way it raises the concept of “My Best Self”

This last concept is critical to good coaching.

The key question to any staff member, athlete or peer is –

“…when I perform at my best, what do I do to give myself best chance of succeeding?”

If the coach can help the person they are coaching to find the answers to this question, then the coach can make themselves REDUNDANT.

It means the individual will be able to face any problem or issue or set of circumstances and navigate a way through – not just be successful every so often.

Constantly being able to give oneself one’s best chance of succeeding is the definition of SUCCESS for the individual’s viewpoint and for the Coach.