Everyone’s a coach – Part 3

In the previous two articles, I discussed –

• Getting to know the whole person
• Creating an environment for the individual to grow

In this article, I outline the third principle: never be satisfied

Never be satisfied with where we are today, because it can be better tomorrow. Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and all the greats in their respective fields follow this mantra. And these greats, whether they’re in literature, ballet, sport, music or politics are only accorded such status because of their longevity and their ability to produce consistently highly skilled performances.

There is little doubt that their individual skills are at the peak of their respective fields, but what has kept them there is their desire to continue to be the best – an ongoing process of not being satisfied with where they were yesterday and are today.

There are other key coaching principles such as vision, learning, environment, culture and planning which I will discuss in future articles.

It is very important not to underestimate the role we can all play as a coach. If we see and think of ourselves as coaches, and understand that we have the capacity to influence the lives of others, both positively and negatively, then I believe we can be a very powerful force for those that we coach – whether they be families, organisations, communities or even countries!

1. Everyone is a coach.
2. Establish as close a relationship with your charge as that person will allow.
3. No matter how brief or distant the relationship, always try to make a difference in the life of that person.
4. Get to know the whole person.
5. Create a relationship of personal growth where the coach becomes increasingly redundant.
6. Never be satisfied with where you are today, because it can be better tomorrow.

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