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The four famous Australian cricketers (from left to right) Warne, McGrath, Waugh and Ponting are holding the prestigious Laureus award for the world team of the year, 2002.

The Australian Cricket team continued to dominate world cricket for another 6 years after this time, winning everywhere around the world, in all formats of the game.

High performance means that an organisation or in this case, the Australian cricket team dominated its marketplace for nearly a decade. High performance is not to be confused with a high performing where dominance and winning is brief or periodic; that is to say, a business may return good dividends to its stakeholders for 1, 2 or 3 years, but cannot sustain this performance.


The High Performance teams2


A High Performance Team defines itself as….

  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Re-defining the Game
  • Taking the game to another Level
  • Controlling the Future
  • Delivering World’s Best Practice

And there are 5 critical elements or pillars to being able to deliver common to all High performance teams –

Critical elements of a  High Performance Team….

  • Clarity of Vision and Strategy
  • Leadership Culture
  • Learning Environment
  • Talent
  • Success and it’s various measures

If Better is possible, then good is not good enough!


My book, “If Better Is Possible” takes the reader through the journey to High Performance and provides valuable hints and ideas to achieve such a result is summarized as –

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