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What You’ll Learn During the Webinars
John has a wealth of knowledge to share within the industry, including experience from leading world class teams in sport and business. His webinars will cover topics such as how to create a strong team, the importance of communication, how to develop a successful culture, and more. He’ll be sharing his expertise on how to run and grow a business with success.

He will also answer any questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Why You Should Attend
Whether you are a business owner looking to increase your impact or a human resources professional searching for new approaches, these webinars will help guide your endeavours. The knowledge that you gain can be applied directly in your own business environment. Even if you just need motivation or inspiration, attending one of these sessions will surely benefit you in some way. Plus, it’s totally free!

How to Register
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We already have 2 webinars scheduled in the series:

Webinar 1: 15th of February 2023, How will you set your business up for success in 2023?

Webinar 2: 15th March 2023, How will you keep your team performing at its best.

Please follow the links to register for the events.

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