In this short video, I use the example of how I approached a job interview – it was a job interview that changed my life.

The job was Head Coach, Queensland Bulls cricket team.

The assignment – to win the Holy Grail for Queensland, the Sheffield Shield!

Queensland had tried unsuccessfully for 69 years to win the premier trophy of Australia’s domestic cricket competition.

Was it being appointed as Head Coach from the interview process the main reason for the watershed moment in my life?……….partly.

Was it that we won the Holy Grail, the Sheffield Shield in my first year as Head Coach?…………..partly.

So why do I say the job interview changed my life?

The job, the interview, and the prospect of chasing the Holy Grail made me take the most important step in my life…………..UNDERSTAND HOW I COACH/LEAD/MANAGE!

To prepare for the interview I spent as much time as I could, in my ‘quiet place’ (which in those days generally involved me heading out on a long run to think), to understand ME

  • Why I do what I do
  • What do I believe in
  • What are my corner stone principles that I will never compromise

I wrote these down, and have lived them ever since. In fact I was living them before the role of Head Coach came along, but I had never stopped to understand.

Most leaders, managers and people who are in a position to influence others are similar. They have a leadership philosophy but have never stopped to understand what it is.

Why should anyone in such positions do what I did?

Because it is the essence of leading people!

Staff, athletes, volunteers, congregation want consistency from their leader – the leader must always walk the walk of their values, what he or she believes in and never depart from their principles

Here is my philosophy that I live by everyday

JB Coaching philosophy