Q & A with John Buchanan

Turn Your Business into the Dominant Player in the Market!

John recently held a 45min live session through Google Hang Out on Tuesday 2nd September 2014.

Now you can watch this event at anytime.

Why should you spend your valuable time to watch this live recorded event with John?

Your business may currently be successful – it’s profitable, but if you keep doing what you are doing, your results will stay the same. Business is just as competitive as the sporting fields. Team culture and strategy is just as important onfield as it is to your business. It is what will give your business the edge.

We will talk about how to;

  • Create a High Performance Team environment for your business.
  • Establish a powerful Leadership Culture.
  • How to deliver a better Coaching Process for your staff and teams.
  • Find new strategies and methods to boost the success of your business.