Resolutions or resolve for 2017?

How many New Year resolutions will you make on the night of the 31st December?

And more importantly, how may will you keep…..?

When coaching the Australian cricket team at this time of the year, we would have completed a Boxing Day Test match in Melbourne and then head to Sydney for the final Test of a series – the New Year’s Test match.

Our approach was not about creating New Year’s resolutions but a RESOLVE to play better collectively and individually so that we could complete our goals of winning a series.

New Year was a wonderful event in Sydney, but for us, it was simply an intervention between games in the cycle of cricket matches.

And so it is in business and life.

New Year is a special time to celebrate, just as Christmas has been, birthdays, public holidays, anniversaries and so on.

They all provide us with moments to reflect on what has gone before and what adventures and challenges lie ahead.

Tradition has earmarked New Year as the time to reset, recalibrate.

Cricket, and sport, require the coach, the captain, the team to do so constantly if they wish to remain at the top of their game.

Sport demands an unending resolve to improve.

So why not in business and life?

Why have one symbolic moment in the continuum of business and life where we make huge promises to ourselves and others about our goals for the coming year?

RESOLVE to keep improving relationships, our community spirit, our careers, our health – not just at one point in the year, but as part of our daily mantra. Then when special moments come along, such as new Year, take the opportunity to ask yourself, “…how am I doing?….”

When midnight rolls around on the 31st and there is the traditional celebrations, make one resolution of RESOLVE – for 2017, resolve to be better at everything you are doing now.

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