Someone said my dog can coach that team!

Who would want to be a coach?

There is a saying that goes, “…there are only two types of coaches, those who have been sacked, and those who are about to be sacked…….”
Having been a coach, I know both scenarios.

There is no doubt the coaches who generally survive longer in their roles, have good players who respond to their particular coaching style.

The career coaches are those who are so passionate about coaching, they are prepared to be unemployed a number of times throughout their time in sport.

Sport, unlike most industries, provides results week in, and week out.

Business will generally hand down interim year results, but are mainly judged by the end of year report, and the dividends or share prices at that time.

Politics are generally governed by terms which means the stakeholders do not get to comment/vote for a number of years.

And while in each sector, it requires a huge collective effort to get consistently good results, not winning generally focusses its venom on a singular target – for sport that is the coach.

Unfortunately this approach makes the role of coaching even more insecure.

The consequence is that coaches can compromise their philosophies, their long term planning, their relationships with players to chase results, to remain in the job.

For a coach, this is the beginning of the end.

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