Sport has become more professionalised over the past 20 years

Sport has become more professionalised over the past 20 years.

Cricket is one of those sports which now seems to be undergoing the growing pains from amateur or semi-professional to a professionalised business.

Recently with the Phil Hughes death at the wicket, the onfield arena was referred to as the workplace, and the investigation of his death was centred around occupational health & safety.

Contract law and anti-discrimination law was the centre of outrage due to a clause that Cricket Australia had included for women cricketers’ contracts around pregnancy.

And now Industrial Relations is front and centre in the current pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the Players’ Association.

There is little doubt that both parties have handled the negotiations poorly.

However, the real winner out of this mess may be that the governance systems of both organisations receive a major overhaul.

And in the process, the individuals who are responsible and accountable for future negotiations understand that relationships and communications must become the normal course of a day, not just every four years.


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