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The best sporting teams in the world provide the best lessons for the corporate world!

What is Coaching?

So why is sport such a valuable learning mechanism?

Consider these comparisons –

  • CEO & Head Coach
  • Captain & COO
  • Specialist coaches & line managers
  • Athletes & staff
  • Selectors & HR
  • Dressing room & meeting or board room
  • Scoreboards & performance measurement
  • Competition field & workplace

………it all happens just the same, but in sport it happens in a more condensed time frame and generally far more publicly!

I believe there are many factors which can all lead to creating very successful and high performance teams in sport as well as business. However, if I was to pinpoint two critical elements, I would highlight leadership culture and coaching.

When I look back at my time in sports coaching, I achieved my greatest successes when these elements were driving the group. Interestingly since, in my work with corporate enterprises from various sectors such as legal, financial, infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, family business and government, this message is repeated.

You will find information on:

  • How I can help with your next conference, training day or event
  • Leadership Culture
  • The Coaching Process
  • High Performance Teams for Business
  • Valuable business tools
  • Professional Development for Executives and Coaches
  • Must know Business activities
  • Resources – Videos, articles, media and more
  • We have courses which include best teaching practices
  • Take control of your staff training through our world class manager interface
  • What’s Happening around the business, sporting and cricket worlds

All our content and information is designed by John Buchanan, Australia’s Cricket Coaching legend and creator of the Buchanan Success Coaching philosophy, business programs and professional Development courses.

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