peak performance in your team by the strength of your leadership and coaching



the power of each individual into an unbeatable team



your team to peak performance through creation of success measures

“If better is possible, then good is simply the start of the journey.”

What’s your everest

Understand your everest as an INDIVIDUAL, as a COACH, or for a TEAM –  inspire insights, mobilise strategy, ignite actions to achieve peak performance

Presenting & Coaching

John is a very experienced team and organisational coach, and educator – available to present and coach on all aspects of peak performance


John offers insights, strategies and practical tips on how organisational peak performance is created by the coach through new measurement of success

 Performance Measurement Library

The tools include, individual online programs, mobile applications, diagnostics, eBooks and customised workshops

About John

John is the Director and Owner of Buchanan Success Coaching – a business designed to enhance corporate success through the winning lessons from sport. With over 30 years in international coaching, education and organisational management, John brings this experience and wisdom to his role as Peak Performance Strategist.

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Lead For World Class Performance

This 5 short video series will provide you with an insight into how to lead better; how to lead for world class performance or peak performance through becoming a better coach. This short course is designed to encourage you to subscribe to my online course on the same topic, in which there are many more videos and resources to help you become more successful as a leader. I hope you enjoy these tips and that you will join me in the online course, “How to Lead your team to World Class Success” – being able to lead for world class performance.




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In both these situations I have been working with people who have been feeling particularly vulnerable and there was something very powerful about the term ‘inner arrogance’ that meant in both situations these people (myself included as I always consider myself a learner in any relationship…be that with family, friend, client or colleague) were able to grasp something strong and solid…something internal…almost like a ‘fire in the belly’.

Leigh KurthSenior Project and Services Coordinator Redkite

We unanimously thought it was terrific and were using words like ‘watershed’ in terms of our development. We really appreciate the roles you both played with us and the time you gave us...

We really hope you will keep working with us as many light bulbs went on as to what we could be as a team and we would love your guidance to help us get there.

Kareena ArthyMD – Biosecuity Queensland (DEEDI)

John attended our annual leadership conference in Jaipur and presented what it meant to be a high performance team, and importantly how to lead one. John shared several leadership lessons, which were made real with stories from John’s experience coaching the Australian cricket team and the Kolkata Knight Riders organization. All the delegates at the conference enjoyed John’s presentation and were able to take many lessons back to apply in their own business units.

Raj BiyaniManaging Director| Microsoft IT (India)

My sincere appreciation for your extremely relevant & thought provoking presentation to delegates at our 2016 Authorised Partners conference in Cairns... we have captured our numerous highlights and memorable moments. Feedback received was excellent and you most certainly hit the mark...

Thanks again for your contribution to the success of our 2016 conference!

Jim KarafilisNational Manager Rural and Agency - Insurance House