In this final section about the culture of success, it is important to recognize this culture cannot just be relied upon to be absorbed by new players, new support staff, or remain fresh in the minds of those who have been associated with the team for seasons.

For the culture of success to continue it needs constant attention and nurturing. Keeping a very close eye on this culture is a primary role of the coach. Identifying when and why corners are being cut, understanding what the handbrakes are that are preventing, or will prevent, this culture from prevailing in everything the team does, is a significant key to unlocking how success continues to breed success.

The culture of success is an extremely powerful force that can reside within every organisation. It takes time to create, capture and continue, but is a critical investment if a team, company or organization wants to be a world leader.

Culture of Success Articles

In his Forbes article, Glenn Llopis discusses team culture of big business such as McDonalds, Apple, Target, Nike and speaks of “cultural intelligence”.

James Kerr in his book “Legacy – 15 lessons in leadership from the ALL BLACKS” also outlines through ‘cultural intelligence’ how to use culture to drive sustainable success.

The previous articles have listed how this culture of success can be created and maintained.

Here is a brief summary of the articles below –

Key Messages

1. Driving a culture of success is critical to the long-term success of any organisation.
2. The culture of success is made up of many elements including the right character traits, right attitude, talented staff, traditions, leadership, winning and appropriate rewards.
3. It cannot be assumed that this culture will continue to generate itself – it be revisited.

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