Know your purpose – fulfil your leadership

Great coaches, great leaders know their purpose – they have a vision or a dream!

There are many fascinating biographies, articles, insights to people who have understood their fundamental purpose in life, and set about living out that purpose. Mother Theresa is just one clear example.

I recently read Clayton Christensen, “How will you Measure your life?” – an incredible story in which he discovers his purpose in life by asking three questions of himself:

  • How can I be sure that I’ll find satisfaction in my career?
  • How can I be sure that my personal relationships become enduring sources of happiness?
  • How can I avoid compromising my integrity—and stay out of jail?

In this short video, I take you into my fundamental purpose through my acceptance of the role of Head Coach of the Australian Cricket team.

My fundamental purpose in life is to –

“help people, by challenging them to go where they have not been before”

It is in this journey, we learn more about ourselves, and how to live with those around us.

With the Australian Cricket team, the journey was symbolised by Everest and a famous Australian cricket team of 1948, called, “ The Invincibles”.

Everest =

  • The highest peak in the world
  • Very few conquer it
  • It demands risk taking
  • It demands very good planning and preparation to mitigate against risk
  • Yet no matter how skilled, how prepared and planned, Everest does not owe the climber anything – there are no guarantees
  • It requires incredible teamwork, courage, determination, sacrifice, never-say-die, honesty

The Invincibles =

  • Unique Australian cricket history
  • World record
  • A footprint in Australia and world cricket & sport history
  • Label bestowed by others in recognition of the achievements and those who played their part
  • They had fun, played hard, fair and with great skill, and set benchmarks for those who followed

So for me to be one of the influential leaders of this national sporting team, I needed to clearly understand my purpose, the vision I had for the group, and then not waver from living this day-in day-out, till I retired from the role.

Everest and The Invincibles were in my thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviours