What can be learnt from athletes?

If you want to perform better at work, what can be learnt from athletes?

Athletes understand the WHY, HOW and WHAT of their Knowledge base.

The WHY –

  • Athletes know that if they understand the technical, physical, mental & tactical skills required to perform, then they give themself best chance of performing to the highest possible standard in competition
  • The athlete also knows with a clear understanding of their knowledge base, these become the benchmarks from which to constantly expand their skill sets

The HOW –

  • With a clear understanding of the knowledge base required to best perform, the athlete works out how best to access information, training, coaching, mentoring, and the best Learning Environment that will enable the knowledge base to expand

The WHAT –

  • The athlete is constantly measured for results, on the training field, in the gym, at the physio clinic, and then in competition
  • The athlete uses these measures to review each performance to understand what enables them to perform at their best
  • The best athletes in the world in any sport become their own best coach

Do you know the skill sets of your job?

Do you know how to improve those skill sets?

What benchmarks do you set for yourself each day?

How close are you to becoming your own best coach?

I am interested to know your thoughts……………………………….

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